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The First and Largest Astronomical Observation Competition in South Asia
on 23rd of February 2018 at the Peradeniya University Premises


Star Party | Sri Lanka

Year 2004 marked as a golden year in field of astronomy in South Asian sub-continent. Because of the south Asia’s first ever astronomical observation competition “Star Party” initiated in that year. And it marked as the best astronomical competition in South Asia. And we organized that event with the collaboration of Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy. Star Party is an all island interschool astronomical night sky observation competition and students of more than 150 schools are participating to that event. Star Party Competition directly tests the practical and observational ability in astronomy and Star Party Workshop has organized to improve the astronomical knowledge of students in other schools. As the Anandian Astronomical Association we introduced undoubtedly innovative trends for the South Asian astronomical field such as Astrophotography, International Online Astronomy Quiz Competitions and Radio astronomy practical sessions. We included all of those competitions also to the star party Absolutely the Star Party trophy is a dream for all other schools. They dedicate & battle to true that dream. We have a silence pride about organizing event like that.

Star Party

The Excellence in Last 13 years

in year 2009 (International Year of Astronomy - IYA) it is turn out to be the main Astronomical Event in Sri Lanka and it appointed as the national astronomy project in Sri Lanka for the IYA..

From there onwards, the so called revolutionary event continued for several years with legendary titles. Star party, the first event conducted at the Peradeniya University premises by a school astronomy unit ended as a resounding success bringing much glory and honor to MOTHER ANANDA. While organizing the 10th consecutive Star party in 2014 the AAA reached another significant milestone organizing the mammoth event under the participation of 200 schools. The board of officials of that year had the idea of bringing in a novel concept to the nation with the notion taken by the star party 2014. A new concept came in to which was never attempted by a school before. And also in that year “Star Party” Became as an internationally standard event with the advices of international Space Generation Advisory Council (in support of the UNITED NATIONS program on space applications) also approved this event at first time in this year.

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Anandian Astronomical Association

Year 1998 marked the dawn of a new era in the realm of local astronomy subculture with the genesis of a profound knowledge namely the Anandian Astronomical Association. With unquenchable passion and dedication, this noble student body endeavored to venture beyond the stereotypical boundaries and surpass its predecessors. Currently Anandian Astronomical Association doing a great job to the national field of astronomy, as the pioneer school based astronomical society in Sri Lanka.

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Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girl's College

Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College Kandy is a school students initiated society. The society was officially started in 1996. ASMCK was started with a considerable amount of membership at the beginning and generally the membership is around 500. Almost all the Advanced Level Science students of the school are members of the society. From 1996 Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College has done many work and become a one of the leading Astronomical Societies in Sri Lanka.

The Next Chapter
Star Party 2018

This legendary and unmatched competition going to turn over their next glorious chapter as “Star Party’18” The South Asia’s First and Largest Astronomical Night Sky Observation Competition .

In many Countries they organize various Star Parties and “Star Party | Sri Lanka” is The World's Largest Star Party. We organize this internationally standard observation event with the approval of Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka and the advices of International Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and in collaboration with Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy.

This event is to be held on 23rd of February 2018 from 1600h onwards at the Peradeniya University premises, with the participation of over 1200 of island wide, astronomical professional and our members.

Observation Competition

Each team will have to complete under every section and the team who gets the best observation results in each category will be given a valuable trophy for the respective section. Out of these results, the team which manages to accumulate the highest number of scores from all the five categories will be crowned as the Champions of “Star Party 2018”.Star Part 2018 will be maneuvered and judged by internationally acclaimed judges, which provides an amazing exposure and experience to all the competitors and the Anandian Astronomical Association is truly glad for being able to provide such a platform for the emerging astronomers of the realm.

The most imperative aspect of Star Party is the Sky Observatory Competition. The Competition will be held under 5 factions namely:

1) Best Moon Mapping
2) Best Planetary Observation
3) Best Deep Sky Observation
4) Theoretical and Sun Observation
5) Spot test and Viva test

Astronomy Workshop

Simultaneous to the intense competition at Star Party 2018, a workshop will be held with the prospect of introducing astronomy to the new comers from schools, island wide. This workshop will mainly focus on discussion under,

1) General astronomy
2) Observational astronomy
3) Rocketry

And will be conducted by the Old Anandians’ Astronomical Association. Valuable tutor guides and handbooks will be distributed to all the participants on this venture. At the conclusion of the workshop the participants will be tested with a theory paper and a practical test where the team witch scores the highest will be awarded the “Uprising Team of Star Party 2018”.

Astrophotography Competition

This type of astrophotography competitions are undoubtedly innovative thing for the South Asia since 2014. In that year we envisaged to launch this program concurrent with the Star Party. And we have silence pride about introducing this trend to our sub-continent. However currently we can see this type of competitions in every night Astronomy quiz competitions sub-continent wide.

International Online Quiz

We introduced the online astronomical quiz competitions at the first time in South Asian Sub-Continent since year 2011*

We are envisaging continuing this online quiz competition in this year also. So we expect more than 400 students of 80 schools will participate to this online quiz.

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